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The Alignment Pendant aligns body, mind, spirit, and soul. It aligns and connects the wearer to Creator and Source. It promotes Universal Oneness; also aligning and balancing all chakras and meridians. The pendant grounds the wearer to Mother Earth and prepares one for the Ascension and Shift. The pendant promotes centered focus to one’s Divine Path and Purpose.
The pendant is crafted of Sterling Silver and three semi-precious stones: larimar, amethyst, and rose quartz. These three stones combined together cover all the metaphysical bases. The larimar connects to star and high etheric energies, promoting peace, tranquility, and love. This stone holds Atlantean and Lemurian energies as well as water energy. It is also known as the Dolphin Stone. Larimar helps to remove emotional blockages; releasing fear, guilt, and self-sabotaging behavior. It promotes calmness and serenity. Larimar effectively balances all chakras; especially the throat, third eye, and crown chakras. It is an extremely high vibrational stone. Larimar is a true stone for the New Age.
Amethyst is the crystal tonic, the “I do everything” crystal. It is high straight across the board for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. It helps the wearer maintain proper balance on all levels. Amethyst is a natural “tranquilizer”, promoting calmness and alleviating anger, rage, and anxiety. It helps overcome addictions and blockages of all kinds. Amethyst has a multitude of effective healing properties, promotes psychic and intuitive growth, and is an extremely spiritual stone.
Rose Quartz is the Universal love stone and healer of the emotional heart. It promotes unconditional love, unconditional peace, and self-worth. It helps the wearer to allow love of every kind to enter into their lives, starting with self-love. Rose Quartz helps to heal past hurts, promoting joy and peace. It draws out negative energy and replaces it with positive energy. It helps in releasing suppressed emotions and opening one’s heart. Rose Quartz assists the heart in the giving and receiving of all love.
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