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Remembrance Pendants help one to remember who they really are, why they are really here for this lifetime, and to discover their true Divine Purpose. They help to heal what each individual came here needing to heal so they may fulfill their Divine Purpose. These pendants are here for the Great Ascension and Shift of Mother Earth. They assist in getting one squarely on one’s spiritual path. They help the individual to do what they came here to do, where they came here to do it, and with whom they came here to do it with. The pendants assist in raising one’s consciousness and vibrational energy and promote Oneness with Source and all beings.
Remembrance pendants are crafted from sterling silver and semi-precious stones. Each stone is personally selected and hand set in each setting. There is a small piece of rose quartz set in the back of each pendant which amplifies the power of the front stone by 30 times directly in to the heart chakra. Each pendant comes with either an 18”or 22” sterling silver beaded chain.
The pendants come in 12 different semi-precious stones. Karen dowses each stone variety with a pendulum to determine the stone that will provide each individual with the highest greatest benefit. Then she will dowse to find the specific stone in that variety that best matches one’s vibrational energy. This process is very specific and customized to each individual.
The dowsing process can be accomplished over the phone, by e-mail, or in person. Pendants can be easily and effectively dowsed for friends, family, or loved ones.
The 12 semi-precious stones and their metaphysical properties are listed below.
A universally high vibrational stone in all four realms; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It is very powerful protection stone. Amethyst promotes tranquility and serenity, releasing stress. It helps one become focused, centered, and calm. It is extremely effective in working to alleviate addictions of all kinds. Enhances intuitive and psychic abilities. Calms the overactive mind and assists in alleviating insomnia. Amethyst helps to dispel fear, anxiety, anger, and rage. Helps to raise one’s consciousness in the spiritual and etheric realms. Balances the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The general “I Do Everything” crystal.
A serene, tranquil, and sustaining stone. Cleanses, calms, and aligns all chakras. Removes guilt, heals heartache, increases capacity to love, and improves communication. Promotes inner strength; and aids in stabilizing and healing troubled relationships of all kinds. Chrysocolla opens psychic vision and promotes inner balance. It strengthens self-confidence, personal power, and creativity. Reduces stress and brings joy into one’s life. A consummate physical healing stone. It is especially effective for bones, connective tissue, digestive tract, intestinal tract, liver, and kidneys. Also assists lung and muscle function. Helps to alleviate arthritis. Very effective for PMS and menstrual cramps. Chrysocolla works effectively for all inflammatory issues.
Howlite calms and quiets the overactive mind. It is an excellent centering and grounding stone. Helps one to focus, relax, meditate, and sleep. Excellent for insomnia. Aids in formulating and achieving spiritual and material ambitions. Teaches patience and eliminates anger and rage. Helps the mind to receive wisdom and insight. Helps one to accomplish the materialization of mental plans and ideas into the physical world.
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis balances the throat chakra and opens the third eye chakra. It releases stress and brings deep tranquility and peace. Aligns the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Encourages self-expression and self-awareness. It helps to bond romantic and friendship relationships by aiding in the expression of feelings and emotions. Helps to confront truth, promotes clarity and acceptance. A strong physical healer; alleviates migraine pain, and helps the respiratory and nervous systems. Works in the throat area, also cleanses and boosts the immune system. Lapis helps one to speak their truth and stand in their own power.
Larimar radiates love, peace, and tranquility. It is an exceptionally high vibrational New Age stone discovered in the 1970’s, only found in the Dominican Republic. Raises consciousness and harmonizes the body and soul to a higher vibrational level. Removes self-imposed blockages and self-sabotaging behavior. Connects to the etheric angelic realms. Larimar holds both Atlantean and Lemurian energies. Helps to heal past-life relationships and traumas, and aids in finding one’s soul-mate. Helps to remove guilt and fear, and aids in reducing stress. Facilitates clarity of thought, calmness, and serenity. Connects to Mother Earth and promotes Goddess energy in women. Physically promotes self-healing. Opens the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. Balances and aligns all chakras. Larimar holds water energy and is also known as the dolphin stone.
Purple Opal
Purple opal promotes the understanding of group consciousness and Oneness. It assists in ease of accomplishments in all endeavors. Promotes higher more focused energy. Helps one see the light in all things and situations. Helps establish boundaries and aids in the flow of relationships. Opens the base, third eye, and crown chakras. Dispels sorrow, brings peace, and promotes knowledge of Divine Order. Helps individuals feel more comfortable living on the Earth plane, who have previously felt as though they have never belonged here.
Rhodochrosite promotes selfless love and compassion. A superior love relationship stone. Helps attract one’s soul-mate. Heals sexual abuse. Assists in showing the truth about one’s self and others gently and easily, but without evasion. Allows one to acknowledge repressed and painful emotions, and then gently release them. Greatly improves self-love and self-worth. Assists in confronting irrational fears. Promotes passion in all areas of life and lifts one’s mood. Soothes stress. Improves physical vision and eyesight, as well as psychic vision. Physically, rhodochrosite helps respiratory problems and asthma. Helps to purify the circulatory system and alleviate migraines. Rhodochrosite helps to dispel heavy emotional armor and blockages surrounding the heart. Allows love to freely flow in and out of one’s heart.
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz opens the heart to the giving and receiving of unconditional love & peace, which begins with unconditional self-love & self-worth. Promotes deep inner healing. It is the consummate relationship stone, drawing love into one’s life. Opens and heals the heart and the heart chakra. Excellent for crisis & trauma situations. Draws off negative energy, replacing it with loving positive energy. Rose Quartz helps one to express unreleased emotions, aids in healing heartache and grief. Promotes acceptance of self and self-forgiveness. Assists those who give too much (especially of themselves) retain their own energy. Physically helps the heart, chest, lungs, increases fertility, and purifies bodily fluids.
Shattuckite is a very high vibrational spiritual stone. It stimulates and aligns the third eye and throat chakras. Clears psychic vision and aids in understanding what truly is being seen. Eliminates past-life curses and helps open up metaphysical abilities. Shattuckite is a strongly protective stone, especially during channeling so that only the purest source is contacted and allowed to come through. It protects against negative entities from entering one’s psychic energy field. This stone is associated with Archangel Michael. Physically good for many general health complaints. Assists in bringing the physical body back into balance and alignment.
Sugilite is extremely effective for focusing and calming. Helps brain function. Excellent for ADD, ADHD, learning disorders, dyslexia, headaches, etc. Opens and aligns all chakras. Presents spiritual love and wisdom. Helps to answer questions of all spiritual truths, especially concerning one’s true life purpose. Enables those who are especially sensitive to adapt to the Earth’s vibrational energy with greater ease. Sugilite helps individuals who have never felt they belong to fit in more comfortably in their earthly surroundings. Alleviates grief, sorrow, & despair; promotes loving positive thought patterns. An exceptional physical pain reliever, useful for discomforts of all kinds.
Unakite balances emotions with spirituality. Promotes visualization and psychic vision. An excellent grounding stone. Releases blockages to spiritual and psychological growth. Unakite is primarily the consummate female physical healing stone. It is excellent for all female reproductive and hormonal issues; ranging from menstrual cramps, menopausal issues, infertility issues, & PMS symptoms. Unakite also aids in recovering from major illness & surgery.
No medical claims are being made about any products or services. Please consult your health care professional for any medical issues.

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